Briwax Original Wax Polish 400g

Briwax Original Wax Polish 400g

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Wax polish offers the simplest of finishes to unfinished / raw timber or the final touch to a full French polished surface whether in the home or the workshop. A blend of Beeswax and Carnauba waxes give an instant natural sheen to bare wood or wood prepared with Shellac Sanding Sealer. Ideal for woodcarvings and turned wood, for floors and skirtings. Briwax cleans and protects wood, metalwork and even melamine.

Briwax Original is formulated to produce the Briwax finish on finished and unfinished timber.

Briwax Original is formulated with fast drying, stronger solvents which speed up drying, and also increase the cleaning ability of the wax slightly. This means that it will renovate older dirtier furniture and leave you with the deep grain enriching Briwax shine.

Unsealed wooden surfaces should be smooth, dry and clean. Apply Briwax using a lint free cloth or 0000 Steel Wool, thoroughly working the wax into the grain. Once dry, buff to desired finish with a clean soft cloth. Improved shine and durability can be achieved by first sealing the surface with Briwax Sanding Sealer. For antiques and pre-finished furniture, first check compatibility, then apply Briwax in small areas with a clean soft cloth. The Briwax finish can be maintained by further applications which will give increased hardness and shine.

This product is not recommended for use in areas where it will come into contact with water.

Above 20°C, Briwax will soften and liquify. Replace lid, put in a cool place and it will return to its original state.

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BW0501241521 Honey £11.25 *
BW0501464821 Teak £11.25 *
BW0502000021 Clear £11.25 *
BW0502101221 Antique Brown £11.25 *
BW0502101421 Antique Mahogany £11.25 *
BW0502101521 Antique Pine £11.25 *
BW0502143121 Tudor Oak £11.25 *
BW0502161321 Dark Oak £11.25 *
BW0502280321 Jacobean (181) £11.25 *
BW0502341921 Medium Brown (P7) £11.25 *
BW0502403621 Old Pine £11.25 *
BW0502445621 Rustic Pine £11.25 *
BW0502464721 Spanish Mahogany £11.25 *
BW0502540121 Walnut £11.25 *
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